Exercise Run and Litter
What we
recommend for
your puppy at
your home is
the same as we
use in ours.
These are two
feet tall and
sixteen feet
They help to keep
your puppy safe and
contained when you
are away from home
and when it is time
for nite nite. There is
room for food, water,
bed and a litter pan,
plus room for your
puppy to play and
streach their little
This is what we use
except the ones we
use are 24 inchs tall
This is the litter we
use in our litter pans.
They seem to take to
it very well as you can
see in the next picture.
This is one of our
little girls doing her
business in the litter
Even though we still use
the exercise runs we also
use these home made runs
as well. These can be
custom made to whatever
size you need.
These are made from
closet shelving racks.
You can purchase
these from any
Lowe's Hardware or
Home Depot. They will
cut them free of
charge to whatever
size you need. Then
you wire tie them
together. For us they
work very well.