All About Us
Let me tell you about us. We have been raising Yorkies and Maltese for about 12 years
now. We specialize in Yorkies and Maltese. My husband, Ken works full time for a living
and that allows me to be able to stay home to take care of all my babies. We are not a
puppy mill. We love our pets like they are our children and we love our children dearly and
our grandchildren. Even though we hate to see them leave, we know they have to leave the
nest someday to make someone else as happy as they have made us.
Our puppies are well socialized and playful before they ever leave our home. Most of our
puppies are well on there way to being paper trained or litter trained when they leave.
Before any of our babies leave our loving home to go to there new home they take a trip to
our vet to be checked out to make sure they are in the best of health and we provide you
with a letter from him to let you know they are healthy.
I also like to send them to their new home with a nice puppy welcome packet. It contains
there shot record, registration papers, written health warranty and some food to get you
started off on the right foot.
We do have shipping available and delivery is possible. If shipping is needed and weather
permits the cost for shipping is $225.00. That is for the airfare and all the paper work,
health certificate and crate for the airlines.
Thank you for taking time to visit our site.